Vodka Release Show Regular Ticket


Korpiklaani will go on air from Pyynikin Craft Brewery on August 29 at 8pm CET.

With over 100 million streams and views of Vodka racked up, making this arguably the most popular song about Vodka, it comes as no surprise that Korpiklaani are launching their own unique Finnish Spruce flavoured Craft Vodka. They'll be collaborating with one of Finland’s largest independent Breweries and Distilleries, Pyynikin who also produced the Korpiklaani Lager.

To celebrate, Korpiklaani will fulfil everyone’s dream of having a “piss up in a brewery” and will perform live from inside the brewery on Saturday 29 August at 8pm CET.

Bringing along with them a full production, stage, lights and LED screens all built in front of the Beer tanks, this will be the event of the year.

Before the concert Korpiklaani will take you on a guided tour of the Pyynikin Brewery. On the way we will learn how beer is made and have a good laugh.

Regular ticket
This ticket will give you access to the Korpiklaani Vodka Release Show Live Stream Concert on August 29 at 8pm CET from Pyynikin Brewery. After the live stream you can re-watch the show even a month or a year later!


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